Kids for Coltrane

Kids for Coltrane Reaching for the Stars

Posted on: June 24, 2012


On June 22nd, members of the Kids for Coltrane Project in Education received awards for participating in the Kids for Coltrane After School Program at the Holliswood school. The program is under the direction of Ms. Christine Termini Passarella, founder and educator. Pictured here are Seth and Sarina who proudly  display their certificates. They received their awards for participating in the 2011 – 2012 program along with 24 other happy children. Seth and Sarina also received the Kids for Coltrane, Reaching for the Stars Award which is given each year to people who go above and beyond. Seth and Sarina wrote  Ms. Passarella a very persuasive letter when she was thinking about creating the  after school program.  The program welcomes children from different grades in a relaxing after school setting. They would all  like to send a special thank you to the principal of the Holliswood School, Mrs. Ambert, for seeing the value in this precious program and giving them the space to continue. Ms. Passarella and the children look forward to continuing this work when the new school year begins. Kids for Coltrane are… Kids for Creativity, Curiosity and Caring.

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He was so happy!!!

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