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Beauty, Love, and Justice: Living A Coltranian Life

Column by Christine Passarella, Founder of Kids for Coltrane

Article 3

Tender and Fierce Blessings: Malcolm, Coltrane and My Mentor Nat Hentoff Nat

Beauty, Love, and Justice: Living A Coltranian Life

Column by Christine Passarella Founder of Kids for Coltrane

Article 2

John Turturro: A Soulful Truth Tellerjohn

Beauty, Love, and Justice: Living A Coltranian LifeCornel

Columnist, Christine Passarella Founder of Kids for Coltrane on

Article 1: Dr. Cornel West: A Real-Life Superhero


Article honoring writer and American historian Nat Hentoff by Kids for Coltrane founder and educator Christine Passarella

Click on link to read the article in the Jazz Journalists Association News


Dr. Cornel West and Kids for Coltrane founder Christine Passarella visited the MLK Center twice in Long Beach, NY. On September 26, 2015 they presented workshops for the community.

“King’s radical love put a premium on artistic performance and existential praxis. His sermons were performances that authorized an alternative reality to the way the world is. His living radiated a radical tenderness, subversive sweetness, and militant gentleness. He found great joy in serving others.” Excerpt from The Radical King by Dr. Cornel West

“I take my fundamental cue from John Coltrane that says there must be a priority of integrity, honesty, decency, and mastery of craft.” Dr. Cornel West

The Kids for Coltrane with Ms. Passarella on set filming the John Coltrane documentary directed by John Scheinfeld

The Kids for Coltrane will be highlighted in an extraordinary new film coming out in 2016 about the brilliant John Coltrane. Filming our part was a wonderful experience. We want to thank acclaimed writer-director John Scheinfeld and his wonderful team!

Update: Our portion will be out on the dvd version of “Chasing Trane”….stay tune for release date

Adelphi University Presentation


Photo of Dr. Cornel West and Christine Passarella


A note from one of my students…a brilliant young poet. “Thank you Husna for your kind and generous statement.” Husna recited her poetry during the Art of Protest and Celebration of Peace event at Adelphi University. She was part of the special presentation on September 4th with me and Dr. Cornel West in Garden City, New York. Special thank you goes out to Professor Devin Thornburg for inviting us to speak.

“I began writing poetry and songs about two years ago, along with performing arts such as sketching, painting, sculpting and what not. But at one point my fire had nothing else to feed on, so it slowly burnt out into society’s darkness. All that was left of my work remained in the ashes. But then she walked into my life Christine Passarella, a beautiful, inspiring, and absolutely stunning woman who earned my respect with an hour’s worth of teaching. She collected the ashes, the burnt memories, the unfinished work and she ignited the newly split fuel. She is one of the inspirations behind my work, my actions, and my words. Ms. Passarella was the one who introduced me to the past heroes who live in today’s future. Because of this respected woman, I was able to meet a genius who later stood as another inspiration, Dr. Cornel West. Because of this wonderful woman, I am indeed A KID FOR COLTRANE. And because of this beloved woman, I am where I stand today with fire in my eyes.”
Husna Mirza (Middle School Student)

Congratulations to Husna for recently being elected Student Body President at PS/IS 178 🙂

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