Kids for Coltrane

♥ Valuable Virtues

Character Education
When I was teaching first grade a few years ago, I first heard the song Ten Words written by master guitarist Joe Satriani performed live.. . I found it compelling.  When you listen to the song you too may feel Satriani’s deep human emotions coming through in this powerful song. At some point after hearing this song, I heard a radio interview with Satriani, and he told his audience that he wrote this song on the evening of September 11, 2001.
My students and I listened to the song. I then asked them if they could write about PEACE…in Ten Words.
Below find the individual lines that each child created as they wrote their minds….framing PEACE in ten words.
1. Peaceful planet all around, floating heart of happiness all abound.
2. Children smiling, laughing…”I am safe and sound,” they shout.
3. Respect each others gifts, sharing our treasures, and our happiness.
4. Understanding, you will see, brings beauty to you and me!
5. Don’t fight I say, live in harmony, find a way.
6. Grand earth, precious home, protect and love all the inhabitants.
7. I learned others count, I learned it starts with me!
8. I have faith in people, I have faith in empathy.
9.Give peace a chance, think and do the life dance.

Special Guests Share Their StorSCAN0044ies

The New York Islanders participated in my character education program on three occasions. Sports legend Bobby Nystrom spoke to the children about the importance of  teamwork.


The students were thrilled to hear Nystrom talk about scoring the goal that helped his team win the Stanley Cup. He was inspiring and a man of true character.  His name and famous No. 23 were retired to the Nassau Coliseum Rafters. He is a sports legend who does tireless charity work for his Long Island Community.



Brett Severyn and Bryan McCabe talk to the children about playing for the NHL.  It took perseverance and hard work to become professional hockey players. The children appreciated their warm spirits and willingness to share their life stories.


Bud Harrelson signing  baseball cards for the children.  The students were excited to meet him and learned from his stories which included valuable virtues.


Bud Harrelson participated in my character education program. He was a shortstop, coach and manager for The New York Mets.  I remember the powerful stories Bud shared with the children. He is a dedicated and determined  man who followed his bliss and became a Major League player.

new york jets

The New York Jets participated in my character education program. Robert Farmer spoke to the children about how it felt to be a professional football player. I must thank PTA member Karen Ortiz for her dedication and support. The PTA Human Relations Committee at the Washington Street School on Long Island proved to be a dream come true. We appreciated the participation of our special guests.


During Women’s History Month Bernadette Castro participated in one of my beginning  programs. She talked to the children about her life in politics and as a business woman.  Bernadette spoke fondly of her late father who had built the Castro Convertable business with dedication and hard work.

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