Kids for Coltrane

♥ About Our Work In Education

The Kids for Coltrane Project is a program that focuses on jazz to teach children about American history, equality, character education, and the Arts. By doing this children become invested in literacy, creativity, compassion, curiosity, and courage. It is a program that celebrates the individual while also working in collaboration with others. After the creation of the program growing from my work as an educator in the New York Public Schools, I am now dedicated to bringing this important project in education to communities throughout the world.

Standing on the shoulders of John Coltrane’s life, music and spirit we will continue to help children blossom …to be a force for good. The work of John Coltrane is vital to American democracy if we are to look at who we are as a people in all our hardships and joys.

John Coltrane’s legacy brings us something most exquisite, and very American, and that is what the African American heritage has taught, an incredible deep belief in hope for all.

Our workshops reveal American history through a human treasure and his contributions. We celebrate with the world his music and message. John Coltrane’s masterful music elevates us as Americans and we share his work with the world. This work is now part of the Coltrane prophecy of hope, love, and courage and helps provide the next steps in our growth as a people on the planet earth.

The Kids for Coltrane is a community-based arts organization with a mission to teach through the Arts. It provides an understanding of American history through the time-line of blues and jazz in America. Building on character education the students listen and analyze America’s classical music and connect to it through their own lens on life. The connections continue as we also share other genres of music. Also offered is a performance component in which children may elect to be part of the Coltrane Kids Singers. The Kids for Coltrane cultivates an environment of respect bringing out individual talent, discipline, skills, and critical thinking offering paideia, deep education, to the younger generation while appreciating blues and jazz. The program helps develop a foundation for youngsters to take with them throughout their journeys as they become vital members of our global world becoming citizens who have the courage to contribute to the soul, heart, and intellect of the future.

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