Kids for Coltrane

The Kids for Coltrane Welcome Visiting Musicians Sent by the Jazz Foundation of America

Posted on: February 6, 2012

On January 27,  jazz Musicians visited with the Kids for Coltrane. They were  sent to us by the Jazz Foundation of America.  Special thank you to the angel Wendy Oxenhorn who leads JFA for seeing the importance of our work.  Their visit was part of our on going guest speaker series. The Jazz Foundation of America will be sending a different band each month to work with the Kids for Coltrane Afterschool Program at the Holliswood School.  We are so grateful to JFA for bringing us such exquisite enrichment.

In this picture: drummer George A. Gray, bass player Paul Ramsey, Kids for Coltrane educator Christine Termini Passarella and pianist/composer Onaje Allan Gumbs

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