Kids for Coltrane

Kids for Coltrane Reaching For The Stars!

Posted on: July 5, 2011

Andrew receiving the special  Kids for Coltrane Reaching for the Stars Award, June 2011 at the Holliswood School in Jamaica Estates, NY.

Andrew was honored for his incredible dedication to The Kids for Coltrane Project in Education.  On June 22nd, he received The Kids for Coltrane Reaching for the Stars Award.  Andrew “reached out his hand” to me at the end of second grade with an amazing letter asking me to find away to keep the kids together after they were leaving my class.  I was blessed to teach his class for two years. (It was a looped class.)  After reading his inspiring words, I created the Kids for Coltrane enrichment groups…and now we will always be part of this work.  “Thank you Andrew, you are an excellent student and citizen.”

Kids for Coltrane students Stephen and Andrew proudly holding their saxophones after receiving Certificates of Excellence for being members of the Kids for Coltrane. Both boys are founding members of  The Kids for Coltrane since first grade. They are now entering sixth grade! When an opportunity came up to join the school band…they did…and their instrument of choice was the saxophone!  Forty- nine incredible students received Kids for Coltrane Certificates of Excellence at an awards assembly during the month of June 2011.


“One thought can produce millions of vibrations…” ~ John Coltrane

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