Kids for Coltrane

Cool Characters Follow Their Bliss!

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Limited Engagement
The Production of They Kept on Smiling
at The Holliswood School
Original Play written by Christine Termini Passarella
Meet Nicky L. Sinclair, Appolonia Cardinale, and all their friends from 54th Street. The kids are sure to make you smile and just touch your heart as they learn what true friendship and teamwork are all about. Nicky L. just moved to 54th Street from a neighborhood he is glad to leave behind. He fits in really well with the kind 54th Street kids. He forms a band with his new friends Appolonia, Wendy Atlas, William T. Cardinale, and Janasia Fitzgerald. They all learn the importance of practice, practice, practice. As they prepare for the talent show, the Improvisers another impressive school band share the importance of all the virtues. My Kids for Coltrane class and my Kids for Coltrane Club will make these fictional characters come alive on June 19th with an original charming script. These precious second and third graders are sure to bring  smiles to the audience as they act, sing and dance….More to come…We are busy rehearsing!! 
from nikon 504

The Kids for Coltrane class learning about celebrating the uniqueness in human beings with a picture of  jazz legend John Coltrane in the background…On June 19th they will perform an original play that is based on the qualities of good character …and sing an original song in honor of President Obama entitled The Dream.

from nikon 516[1]

The Kids for Coltrane Club learning the West Coast Swing from dance teacher Michael Pagan.  On June 19th they will dance and sing…One of the songs they sing are original lyrics to Coltrane’s Equinox.  We call it Hamlet’s Child in honor of the legend. Every Friday our club met after school to dance and sing….and just have a great time!!

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