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My students discussing the legend John Coltrane with Jazz at Lincoln Center educators.

Kids for Coltrane enjoying fabulous jazz music with Jazz at Lincoln Center educator. (2008)

Another enlightening trip to Jazz at Lincoln Center in 2009. A special thank you to the folks at JALC for inviting my wonderful Holliswood School students.

My students standing in the Allen Room and looking at the view of  Columbus Circle with JALC educator James Antonucci. Thanks James…we had a memorable and fun day!


The Kids for Coltrane studying art at The Metropolitan Museum of Art with innovative and inspiring museum educator Sassy Moral. The kids just adored her! ~ Sassy I hope we can continue to collaborate for years to come. Thank you for being a stellar educator and human being.


Sassy talking to the kids about Romare Bearden’s The Block.  She has been visiting the school for the past three years.  The Met has  great programs for teachers and children.~  A special thank you to Associate Museum Educator, William Crow for bringing artful thinking to the children.


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This painting of Louis Armstrong hangs proudly in his home office. It was painted by singer/artist Tony Bennett (Anthony Benedetto).

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The children in Louis’s  home office. They had an opportunity to see his private music collection. They even viewed his personal notes documenting the collection.

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The children learning about the life and times of jazz legend Louis Armstrong. In this room Louis often spoke to the neighborhood children. He would share his music and fabulous stories from around the world.

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Our fabulous  guide Patrick talks to the children about the legend Louis Armstrong with tremendous pride and respect. They are in Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong’s state of the art kitchen.

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The children sitting in the Armstrong living room discussing Louis Armstrong’s journey.  It was certainly a day filled with history lessons, character education, and music appreciation.

web site pics 088

Thank you Louis Armstrong for sharing your music with our  WONDERFUL WORLD!

8 Responses to "♥ Favorite Things"

Awwww! Cute drawing!

i remember that pic

hi i miss u guys

Dear Sweet Janasia,

The Kids for Coltrane miss you too. I hope you had a great year at your new school. Wow, you are entering 4th grade…the time went by so quickly! I am sure you are a shinning star. We had another show. My second grade class and The Kids for Coltrane Club collaborated on the project. I will post more pictures soon. Jade’s mom is sending them to me. We missed you so much, so I decided to use your name for one of my fictional characters. Do you remember while I was doing a writing lesson, I created fictional characters based on my childhood memories? Well, those seed ideas blossomed into my play called They Kept on Smiling. One of the characters is named Janasia Fitzgerald. I thought of you and legend Ella Fitzgerald when I named this character. We had such a great time at The Kids for Coltrane Club meetings. When you are in New York, visit us. I know the kids would love to share all of this with you and hear about your experiences too. Ask your mom if you can send me your email address, I will share it with the kids. Btw, Stav is moving, and I am sure she would love to stay in touch with you.

I plan on visiting John Coltrane’s home soon. I will take pictures and post them on the site. It is not a learning museum yet, but I have faith in the near future it will be. The president of The Friends for the Coltrane Home, Steve Fulgoni created a children’s garden on the grounds in honor of The Kids for Coltrane and the Holliswood School students. Remember we all planned on meeting there one day, when it opens up…I will keep you posted.

Ms. Passarella

Aw Thank You Mrs.Passarella for putting me in the wonderful book you wrote. I really miss you, Jade and everyone. I miss being in your class… My mom and I might go to New York in the summer, you can’t believe how much I’ve grown these past months… Holliswood is special bye :)!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi Janasia,

Great to hear from you! We all miss you. There are now more Kids for Coltrane students, but you will always be one of the founding members. You are such a terrific young lady. I am so glad you are doing well in school. We all miss your precious smile. The Kids for Coltrane will be performing again on June 9th in the evening. If you are visiting New York then, we can put you in the show. If not, we will write to you and tell you all about it. I am meeting with your original group tomorrow. I will tell them about your note. You are a super star…always believe in that! You will do great things Janasia. Please send your family my regards.

Ms. Passarella

I Am In The 5th Grade Now And I Have Accomplished a lot Of Things I Really Miss You Guys And Still Hoping To Coming Back To New York.I Was Suppose To This Weekend But The Flights Were Too Busy.So I’m Looking Forward To Going To New York The Next Time I Have A Break.

With All Love,Janasia Spotson

Oh,Ahaha And Merry Christmas I Hope You Had A Good One. And I Left I Joined Choir When I Left New York I Learned Music Scale I Think That What Its Called Do,Ray,Me,Fa,So,La,Ti,Do Very Low And High Pitches

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