Kids for Coltrane


Posted on: April 25, 2010

I  received a call from an  Applebees’s representative informing me that one  their executives heard about my work  with the Kids for Coltrane and wanted to help out.  Applebee’s and my school selected two dates in which the students  and their families could dine, and ten percent of the bill would be given back to our school.  The Kids for Coltrane students and I, with the support of our administration decided to create a music library  with the funds.  The music collection will be housed in our school library.  This music library will be a fantastic resource for our teachers.  Our educators will be able to borrow  CDs to use with their students.   We hope that the library grows and grows. The CDs will be presented to our principal during this month of April which is also Jazz Appreciation Month.  The collection will include a variety of genres  with a special focus on jazz which is America’s  treasure.  Below is a list of  CDs  in our start-up collection. We are grateful to Applebee’s for helping  us with The Kids for Coltrane Music Library.

Hey I got an idea, why not create a Kids for Coltrane Music Library in your school…spread the word!



Kids for Coltrane Music Library
Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Louis Armstrong: Best of 20th Century
Ella Fitzgerald: The Best of The Song Books
Sonny Rollins:  Blue Note 1558 Vol. 2
Billy Holiday: Jazz Manifesto/The Lady in Satin
Thelonius Monk: Monk
Duke Ellington: Super Hits
Duke Ellington and Rosemary Clooney : Blue Rose
Duke Ellington and John Coltrane: Duke Ellington & John Coltrane
John Coltrane: The Very Best of John Coltrane
John Coltrane: Giant Steps
John Coltrane: Lush Life
John Coltrane: A Love Supreme
John Coltrane: In a Soulful Mood
John Coltrane: Blue Trane
Jimmy Cobb Quartet: Jazz in the Key of Blue
Tito Puente: Dance Mania
Charlie Parker: The Best of the 20th Century
Stan Getz: Jazz Moods/Cool
Benny Goodman: The Best of Benny Goodman
Dave Brubeck Quartet: Time Out
Wynton Marsalis:  Standard Time Volume 3
Louis Prima: Louis Prima
Louis Prima and Keely Smith: Greatest Hits
Nat King Cole: The Best of Nat King Cole
Frank Sinatra: Frank Sinatra Sings His Greatest Hits
Frank Sinatra: Frank Sinatra Duets 2
Freddie King: Getting Ready
Martin Scorcese Presents The Best of The Blues
Chubby Checker: The Best of Chubby Checker
Santana: The Best of Santana
Barbara Streisand: The Movie Album
The Righteous Brothers: The Best of the 20th Century
The Beatles: One
The Beatles: Rubber Soul
The Beatles: Yellow Submarine
Vivaldi: The Four Seasons
Ravel:  The Best of Ravel
Mozart: Greatest Hits
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra:  Gershwin, Ravel and Debussy
Debussy: The Very Best of Debussy
Mozart:  Ultimate Most Relaxing Mozart in the Universe
Mozart: Piano Concertos
Chopin: The Very Best of Chopin
Prokeofiev: Peter and the Wolf
Leonard Bernstein:  Stravinsky the Rite of Spring
Vivaldi : The Italian Baroque
Bach : Violin Concertos

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