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Frank McCourt: Teacher Man

Posted on: August 19, 2009

This is a touching video posted on You Tube by NYU in honor of teacher and Pulitzer Prize winner Frank McCourt.  His books include Angela’s Ashes and Teacher Man where he documents his courageous journey.

Frank McCourt was a 30 year veteran New York City public high school teacher.  The UFT honored him with the John Dewey Award for Excellence in Education in 2006.  Although Frank  died this July he will continue to hold the hands of teachers who enter the classroom each year.  ” I wanted my students to think for themselves,” he stated.  In this tribute film he talks about accepting an honorary doctorate from NYU. “….I am accepting this honorary doctorate not because I wrote 2 books , but because I was a teacher, that’s the main thing.”  Frank McCourt did his undergraduate work at NYU and graduate work at Brooklyn College. He is an inspiration to educators and children all over the world. I am grateful to  Frank McCourt for being an exemplary educator, and a man who followed his bliss.

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