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Article honoring writer and American historian Nat Hentoff by Kids for Coltrane founder and educator Christine Passarella

Click on link to read the article in the Jazz Journalists Association News


Dr. Cornel West and Kids for Coltrane founder Christine Passarella visited the MLK Center twice in Long Beach, NY. On September 26, 2015 they presented workshops for the community.

“King’s radical love put a premium on artistic performance and existential praxis. His sermons were performances that authorized an alternative reality to the way the world is. His living radiated a radical tenderness, subversive sweetness, and militant gentleness. He found great joy in serving others.” Excerpt from The Radical King by Dr. Cornel West

“I take my fundamental cue from John Coltrane that says there must be a priority of integrity, honesty, decency, and mastery of craft.” Dr. Cornel West

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