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DSCN2209On September 28, 2009 I had the extreme honor of being invited  into John Coltrane’s New York home. It is not open to the public yet. I walked through the rooms and on the grounds of this sacred place. My dream is to see John’s home become a place of learning for children.  I know John’s beloved Alice Coltane wanted this too.  It is a historical home that needs much TLC. I am determined to continue to help raise funds for this effort. Please continue to check my blog as this mission continues to move forward.  I want to thank Steve Fulgoni, President of the non profit Friends of the Coltrane Home for allowing this inspirational moment in time to happen for me. Steve told me that the restoration of the beautiful white wrought iron fence and the garden surrounding it was paid for with the funds my Kids for Coltrane students raised in their philanthropic effort.    In this photo I am standing in the room John Coltrane wrote the masterpiece A Love Supreme.

Front porch and gardenFront porch with wrought iron fence and  surrounding garden

christine  at coltrane houseThis is a picture of me in  the backyard of the Coltrane Home. If you are interested in helping the non profit Friends of the Coltrane Home transform this precious historic Home into a place of learning, please go to my links section and click on The Coltrane Home site.  Also click on  my John Coltrane page above to hear the music of this  brilliant artist.

Christine and Gerry FerraroOn September 26th the National Organization of Italian American Women honored Geraldine Ferraro. It was the 25th Anniversary of her nomination for Vice President of the United States of America. We had a spectacular luncheon at the Waldorf Astoria. Gerry made a speech that had me holding back tears, but the tears won out! It was a powerful and important speech. She spoke with love and deep appreciation for her mother, a young widow, who made many sacrifices to educate  her and her brother.  Ms. Ferraro went on to be a stellar role model and a trail blazer. I have always held her in high esteem. This picture captures a special moment frozen in time for me. The photo was taken by my daughter Victoria.  Here I am listening to Geraldine speak about the importance of education.~ I couldn’t agree more Gerry! Victoria and I stand on your shoulders.  Women throughout the world are grateful to you for your achievements, dedication and courage.

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